Til It's Time

Let me dream of you and me

looking, staring and smiling at each other...

frowning, crying, and laughing with each other...

Hold my hand as I walk you through

lead you the way, to the heavens we go

together we will discover

what the world has to offer...

Hug me and let me lean on your shoulder

kiss me and listen to the words that I whisper

words from my soul, spoken by my heart

words of promises that we'll never be apart...

Let me dream of you and me together

let me wait, let me stay, let me go never

make me hope that you and I are forever

then welcome me in your arms when forever is over...

Give me strength to stand against the tests of time

coz in the end it's you and me combined

From the shadow, I will blow you fortitude as you climb

From a distance, I am hoping you'll take this faith of mine...

But right now, we just have to go on wishing till it's time...

Tell Me

How do I know it's you, how do I know it's not?

How can we tell if we don't see each other that much?

How can I feel the love you profess,

When I couldn't even have your kiss...

My heart is aching to reach out for you,

But my mind is telling me to let you go...

Oh, boy, tell me.. What should I do?

Love Undefined

Love is unfair, love is selfless

It is never self-centered, never selfish

It asks too much and tests temperance

Eats up humility but seeks no vengeance.

It makes you wonder of its real existence

It drives you to a world full of happy endings

It teaches you how to fly till the brim of illusion

It could also lead you to the midst of confusion.

Real love comes and stays long for good

For better or for worse, against all odds

Its gentle touch sticks thru thick and thin

Despite spiteful words and ceaseless blame.

Love is shown and should never be kept

For if it spoils, it’s mistaken as fatal creep

It resorts to resentment and in just one flip

Your pride defeats it, then, someone has to weep.

I once fell in love but was not reciprocated

I wept for a while but am always motivated

The love I have inspired me, now and for always

It reigns over my pride and my slight little hatreds.

Though the person I love might be gone for good

I keep thanking Him for we met along the road

With sad goodbye, dreams shattered, and promises broken

Grows a stronger love willing to be taken... again…